B101 -- Aluminum Composite Panel Grooving and Cutting Machine
B101 -- Aluminum Composite Panel Grooving and Cutting Machine
Product Detail:
Detailed Product Description:
Primary used for grooving and cutting on curtain wall compound aluminum plates.
1、Adopt special imported hard alloy blades and tools, Good stability at high-speed operation, high efficiency, long life .
2、Groove depth controlled by specialized Eccentric Bearing system and adjusted within 0-10mm freely, easy to regulate and high accuracy, deep groove deviation ≤0.15mm .
3、Cutting and milling horizontally and vertically could be done by the head of machine and easy to adjust dimension, accurate positioning, flexible operation, stable.
4、Adopt West Germany famous factory original figure measuring device the precision can be± 0.01mm ,it is reliable and steady.
Main Technique Parameter:
1、Grooving & cutting length:4100mm
2、Grooving & cutting height:1600mm
3、Deviation for diagonal of the rectangular formed by two Horizontal and two Vertical cutting groove: 
                                       ≤2000 mm ~ ≤2.0mm
                                       >2000 mm ~ ≤2.5mm
4、Grooving depth:0-10mm
5、The size of Slot knifeⅠ:Ф250×Ф30×16×12T(90°)
6、The size of Slot knifeⅡ:Ф250×Ф30×16×12T (135°)
7、The size of cutter:Ф250×Ф30×3.2×120T
8、Motor power:2.2KW
9、Working voltage:380VAC
10、Spindle rotate speed:5400 r/min
11、Overall dimension (L×W×H):5400×1300×2700mm